Hakomi Therapy


Healing with Hakomi Experiential Therapy

Hakomi is a beautiful process of guided self-discovery and healing. It incorporates mindfulness, touch, movement, and the awareness of posture, sensations, impulses, and feelings. It very effectively helps you get a handle on the unconscious patterns that run your life. These patterns are quite abstract and elusive, until you understand how your physical body is expressing them. Then they become more concrete, giving you the means to actually change them.

Hakomi provides a powerful vehicle to increase your:

  • emotional intelligence
  • capacity to give and receive love
  • mindfulness
  • inner peace
  • joy
  • self-worth
  • groundedness and embodiment
  • ability to tolerate strong or uncomfortable emotions
  • potential, in some instances, to alleviate chronic pain
  • reconnection to your heart and spirit after physical, emotional, or sexual wounding

Experience body-centered healing

This mind-body integration process may be the gentlest form of healing you’ve ever encountered. It helps you rediscover the wholeness you came into this world with.

You can schedule a session by emailing me or by calling me at (616) 262-3848. I hope to hear from you!

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